Project Management

A project management board, chaired by Cllr John Stewart, was established to drive the project forward and the next stage is to set up a charitable trust to channel the private sector funding and issue contracts to appoint consultants to manage the international design competition and the TIF.

The Project Management Board comprises:

  • Jennifer Craw – representative of Sir Ian Wood
  • Councillor John Stewart – Aberdeen City Council
  • John Michie – Aberdeen City Centre Association
  • Councillor Kevin Stewart – Aberdeen City Council
  • Tom Smith – Chair, ACSEF
  • Lavina Massie – Chair, Aberdeen City Alliance
  • Colin Crosby – ACSEF
  • Maggie McGinlay – Scottish Enterprise
A project advisory group which advises the management board has also been set up and it comprises:
  1. Tom Smith, ACSEF
  2. Dave Blackwood, ACSEF
  3. Maggie Bochel, Aberdeen City Council
  4. Gerry Brough, Aberdeen City Council
  5. Patricia Cassidy, Aberdeen City Council
  6. Jennifer Craw, Wood Family Trust
  7. Colin Crosby, ACSEF
  8. John Michie, Aberdeen City Centre Association
  9. Derick Murray, Nestrans
  10. Iain Munro, Creative Scotland
  11. Hugh Murdoch, Aberdeen City Council
  12. Craig Watt, Scottish Enterprise

City Garden Project:
Implementation Team Agendas

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City Garden Project:

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